Food in Dominica

Dominica cuisine is the cuisine of the island nation of Dominica. The cuisine is rooted in creole techniques with local produce flavored by spices found on the island.

Dominica’s cuisine is similar to many other Caribbean islands including that of Trinidad and St Lucia. Though separated by water Dominica and other Commonwealth Caribbean islands have distinct twists to their meals.

Breakfast is an important meal in Dominica and is eaten every day. A typical meal includes saltfish, which is dried and salted codfish, and bakes made by making a dough and frying in oil prove popular before a long days at work. Saltfish and bakes can also double as fast food snacks that can be eaten throughout the day; vendors and Dominica’s streets sell these snacks to passers-by alongside fried chicken, fish and tasty smoothies. Other breakfast meals include cornmeal porridge which is made with fine cornmeal or polenta, milk and condensed milk and sugar to sweeten. More British influenced meals like eggs, bacon and toast are also popular alongside fried fish and plantains.

Common vegetables eaten during lunchtime or dinner include plantains, tania, yams, potatoes, rice, and peas. Meat and poultry typically eaten include chicken (which is very popular), beef, fish which are normally stewed down with onions, carrots, garlic, ginger and herbs like thyme and using the browning method to create a rich dark sauce. Popular meals include rice and peas, Stew chicken, Stew beef, fried and stewed fish and many different types of hearty fish broths and Soups which are packed full with dumplings, carrots and ground provisions.

Roadside stands and small-town restaurants typically serve fried chicken, fish-and-chips and “tasty bakes” which are fried dough made with flour, water and sugar or sometimes salt, along with cold drinks. The island produces numerous exotic fruits, including bananas, coconuts, papayas, guavas, pineapples, and mangoes which can be eaten as dessert and be pureed or liquefied.

Dominica’s national dish was the mountain chicken, which are snares of the legs of a frog called the Crapaud, which is endemic to Dominica and Montserrat. Found at higher elevations, it’s a protected species and can only be caught between autumn and February. However as of 2013, the new national dish is Calalloo soup, made from the green leaves of the dasheen plant and other vegetables and meat.

Dominican National Dishes

Fish broth

Broth is a savory liquid made of water in which bones, meat, or vegetables have been simmered. It can be eaten alone, but it is most commonly used to prepare other dishes, such as soups, gravies, and sauces.

Commercially prepared liquid broths are available, typically for chicken broth, beef broth, fish broth, and vegetable broth. In North America, dehydrated meat stock in the form of tablets is called a bouillon cube. Industrially produced bouillon cubes were commercialized under the brand name Maggi in 1908, and by Oxo in 1910. Using commercially prepared broths saves home and professional cooks time in the kitchen.

By 2013, broth labeled as “bone broth” became popularized as a health food trend or fad in certain parts of the United States.

Country Food - Dominica - Fish broth
Country Food – Dominica – Fish broth