Food in Paraguay

The cuisine of Paraguay is the set of dishes and culinary techniques of Paraguay. It has a marked influence of the Guarani people, in fusion with the Spanish cuisine and other marked influences coming from the immigration received by bordering countries such as Italian cuisine and Portuguese food. The gastronomy product of the syncretism and Hispanic-Guaraní fusion, is of greater weight in the Paraguayan history and considered the mother of the whole region, having Asunción as the epicenter of the Spanish expeditions in the Southern Cone. It is worth clarifying that in society Paraguayan, the exchange of knowledge occurred between mestizos, criollos and guaraníes, before and even after the Jesuit missions.

Paraguayan National Dishes

Sopa paraguaya

Sopa paraguaya, Paraguayan soup, is a traditional Paraguayan food. Literally meaning “Paraguayan soup”, sopa paraguaya is similar to corn bread. Corn flour, cheese and milk or whey are common ingredients. It is a spongy cake rich in caloric and protein content.

According to the Paraguayan folklorist Margarita Miró Ibars, sopa paraguaya is “the product of Guaraní-Spanish syncretism. The Guaraníes used to consume doughy food made of corn or manioc flour, wrapped in güembe or banana leaves and cooked between hot ashes. The Spanish introduced cheese, eggs and milk, which were added to the food made by the Guaraníes…”

Sopa is similar to another corn based Paraguayan typical dish, chipahuazu or chipaguazu, except that the latter is made with fresh corn. The consistency is a little bit more like a cheesy soufflé and less like a savory cornbread. This dish is often served with a Paraguayan beef soup.

Country Food - Paraguay - Sopa paraguaya
Country Food – Paraguay – Sopa paraguaya