Food in Angola

Angolan cuisine is the cuisine of Angola, a country in south central Africa. Because Angola was a Portuguese colony for centuries, Portuguese cuisine has significantly influenced Angolan cuisine, with many foods being imported from Portugal.

Staple ingredients include flour, beans and rice, fish, pork and chicken, various sauces, and vegetables such as sweet potato, tomatoes, onions, and okra. Spices such as garlic are also frequently seen.

Angolan National Dishes

Muamba de galinha

Poulet à la moambé or simply poulet moambe (French; “chicken in a palm butter sauce”) is a savoury chicken dish popular in Central Africa and sometimes considered the national dish of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The dish itself is made by combining chicken, spices and palm butter (moambé) to create a stew-like consistency. A number of local or regional variations exist across the Congo. It is also considered the national dish of Gabon where it is known as poulet nyembwe, and in Angola where it is known as muamba de galinha.

Poulet à la moambé, which is usually served with rice and saka saka (crushed and boiled cassava leaves), is popular across Central Africa and also known in African restaurants outside the continent, especially in Belgium.

Country Food - Angola - Muamba de galinha
Country Food – Angola – Muamba de galinha